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Personal Protective Equipment

There is an international shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to protect those most at risk of encountering COVID-19 positive or symptomatic individuals during their essential daily duties. These materials include N95 respirator masks, surgical masks, surgical gloves, face shields, and protective coveralls.

While the County has been working to acquire PPE for front line medical workers and other essential entities that have an identified need for this product, priorities must be made as to how those limited materials are being distributed.

PPE acquired and distributed through Dane County is intended for use only by those working in essential jobs that are required to maintain public safety.

Factors that will be considered when making allocation decisions include:

  1. How are safe social distancing practices being managed?
  2. Will workers or employees have close contact with the public (e.g., Within 6 feet, physical contact)? Is this contact avoidable? Type of contact workers are regularly making with the public and whether it’s avoidable.
  3. How frequently does close contact occur?
  4. What materials do they already have available to them? When do they anticipate running out?
  5. Do they have access to other protective measures, such as barriers or dividers, that can be used to limit the risk of exposure?


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