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Text, Email & Social Media

Texts & Emails from Dane County

Dane County's email and text notification system is an Internet service that automatically converts National Weather Service "Watches" and "Warnings" to an email message or text. An email and/or text message is distributed to all subscribers on the list the instant the National Weather Service issues a severe weather "Watch" or "Warning". This service is available on your computer as well as through wireless devices such as your smart phone, pager, or Blackberry.

Dane County's messaging system is currently set up to automatically relay the following "Watches" and "Warnings" issued for Dane County by the National Weather Service:

  • Tornado Watch
  • Tornado Warning
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning
  • Flash Flood Warning
  • Blizzard Warning

Alert messages for local, non-weather related events, such as an evacuation resulting from a hazardous material spill will also be distributed over this system.

Third-Party Email and SMS Weather Alert Services

There are numerous commercial services available that can provide warning messages. The National Weather Service maintains a list providers of a wide range of alerting services. Visit this site for more information.

Social Media

Following assessment of an emergency that may affect the public, Dane County Emergency Management, in coordination with local first responders, will issue a notification to Facebook and Twitter.

These should be considered supplemental sources of information, and not a source for life-safety emergency notification.

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