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Dane County Emergency Management

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts from Dane County

This service is available to all residents of and visitors to Dane County.

You can sign up to receive emergency notification by text, Email or both. Signing up will enable county and local officials to alert you about potentially life-threatening public safety emergencies in your community. Residents and visitors who sign up may be contacted through this system on behalf of local authorities with information about emergencies like:

  • Armed person/active shooter
  • Hazardous materials incidents
  • Gas leaks
  • Missing persons
  • Evacuation or shelter in place orders

You can also sign up to receive text and Email messages for notification of severe weather Watches and Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.


When signing up, you will be prompted to create a new Rave account. You will also be asked to provide your address and contact information, such as your Email address or your cell phone number for text messages.


Dane County contracts with Rave Mobile Safety to provide emergency notification services. The information you provide when subscribing to receive emergency alerts is sent directly to and stored securely by Rave Mobile Safety. This information is not made available to Dane County or any other entities, and will be used for public safety notification purposes only.


Thank you for signing up.

Sign Up Tips and Recommendations

  • When signing up a cell phone for notification by text message, you will be required to confirm your phone number.

The Rave system will send you a confirmation code by text message. To make this process easier, it is recommended that you have your cell phone with you when you start the sign up process.

Phone number confirmation is a system security measure for your protection. This is necessary to assure that it really is your intention to sign up and that no one else is signing you up without your knowledge or approval.

You have the option of confirming either by text or by phone call.

  • You can choose to receive notifications for a range of local emergency and severe weather events.
  • You can choose to add additional family or household members to your account.

The phone number confirmation process is also required for any additional people added to your account. Again, to make this process easier, it is recommended that you have these phone devices readily available for confirmation.

  • You can choose to add additional addresses or locations to your notification profile.

You will receive notification of emergency situations that include any location you have included in your profile. (Work, school, child care, family member’s residence, etc.)

  • The sign up form requires that you enter a User ID, in addition to your first and last name –

We highly recommend that you use your email address as your User ID. This will assure your User ID is unique. It will also make your record easier to identify in the future if you ever have a need to update your profile or unsubscribe from the system.

  • The Rave Mobile Safety systems uses “short codes” when delivering text messages.

Rave Mobile Safety's SMS short codes include: 226787, 67283, 78015, 77295 and 81437.

Texting "STOP" to any of these short codes will cancel Alert messages that are sent from all four. Texting "START" to any of these short codes will resume / reinstate the Alert messages.

Please note that while Rave Mobile Safety does not charge for this service, message and data rates may apply. Depending upon your current mobile phone service plan and contract, your carrier may charge for text messages. Please refer to your current mobile phone service plan and contract for additional information.

  • Voice telephone calls, if used, will show 608-260-8735 in the caller-ID.

We recommend that you enter 608-260-8735 in your phone’s contact list as “Dane County Notification System.” This will help to assure you recognize that future notifications are not unwanted spam.

  • You must agree to Rave’s Terms of Use to create an account.
  • You can log back in to your account at any time to change your profile or to unsubscribe from the system.
  • Contact Dane County Emergency Management ( if you have questions about Email spam filtering or “white listing.”