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EMS Response To Respiratory and Infectious Disease Emergencies During COVID-19


Updated 3/26/2020 at 7:45pm

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A Look At 2020 Overall

Respiratory and infectious disease calls per day
EMS agencies are consistently running over 20 respiratory and infectious disease calls a day.

This is an abnormally high call volume.



A majority of patients are being transported to area hospitals as a result of their emergency.

2020 EMS call volume

The daily average for 2020 incidents has held consistently above the 2019 average for respiratory and infectious disease emergencies.


Daily average respiratory and infectious disease emergencies

Volume of calls on different days at different time frames

In 2020, most EMS calls occur between 6am and 12pm. Additionally, Wednesday, Saturday, and Tuesday are the busiest days respectively.


A Detailed Look At March 2020


Respiratory and infectious calls per day in March 2020


March 24th marked the highest volume of respiratory and infectious disease calls (36) for Dane County 2020

Age of patients in February

A majority of patients in February were above the age of 60

Age of patients in March

The share of patients aged 20-49 increased in March compared to February, while the share of patients 70 and above dropped slightly. 


Data on this dashboard shows respiratory and infectious disease calls for Dane County, Wisconsin. 2020 N=1,381. Data pulled 3/26/2020. Incident dates 01/01/2020 - 03/25/2020 for all visuals except the 2019 Comparisons (01/01/2019 - 03/25/2020). This data is NOT specific to COVID-19. This data is compiled from Dane Elite and WARDS for users on a platform other than ImageTrend. Data are pulled based on primary impression, signs and symptoms, and a custom-defined Dane Elite question.