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Dane County School Safety Forum

The Dane County School Safety Forum brings together law enforcement officers, emergency responders, firefighters, and school officials from Dane County and surrounding areas to learn about and discuss school safety issues. Meetings are coordinated by the current Steering Committee members:

  • Shelley Weiss, Sun Prairie Schools Safety Consultant
  • Carrie Meier, Dane County Emergency Management Deputy Director
  • Josalyn Longley, Dane County Sheriff's Office Preparedness Coordinator
  • Jennifer Pagenkopf, Village of Oregon, Chief of Police
  • Jim Blodgett, Middleton-Cross Plains and Monona Grove Schools Safety and Security Director
  • Roz Craney, Director of Safety and Operations for the DeForest Area School District
  • Courtney Morency, Dane County Emergency Management Clerk IV

To contact the Steering Committee or sign up for emails, please use this form. Emails can also be sent to

To view upcoming school safety events, please go here.

There are times when there is an incident, 911 hang-up, or emergency and the 911 Communication center may need to reach a school. The timeliness of this call would be very important! It might possibly involve lifesaving information so the district can make a decision on lockdown, hold, secure, etc. Unfortunately, often the call back number is a phone tree or a number not answered by a "person".

In order for the 911 center to be able to share information with the districts, we need a phone number that WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY be answered by a live person who is knowledgable about emergency response procedures. This can be a cell phone or a land line, ideally a number that rings multiple phones in order to maximize the chances of the call being answered. The key to communication of critical information is having this contact phonen number, not a number that reaches a phone tree or automation. Please email the phone number to

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