Dane County / Madison Metropolitan Area Evacuation Plan

Dane County Emergency Management and partner agencies have developed an evacuation plan to provide for the orderly and coordinated evacuation of all or any part of Dane County.

People are forced to evacuate homes, businesses, offices, and other buildings on a regular basis. Most often, these evacuations are small-scale incidents resulting from a structural fire, bomb threat, or other localized hazard. Management of an evacuation on this small scale is almost a routine response. The plan posted here builds on the concepts applied in a small, localized evacuation, but is mainly intended to provide guidance for responding to more complex incidents involving large-scale or mass evacuations.

The plan was developed as a multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency plan describing general concepts of operations, agency responsibilities, and operational considerations for incidents involving evacuation in Dane County. The is a broad plan document, not a procedure document. Agencies having responsibilities identified in this plan have the added duty of establishing the standard operating procedures and protocols needed to carry out their role in an evacuation.

Plan Scope

The evacuation plan is focused on the jurisdictions in the area defined by the Madison Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) planning area, although the concepts contained herein could be applied anywhere in Dane County.

Approved Metropolitan Planning Area Boundary Map 1: Madison Area Metropolitan Planning Organization planning area boundary

This evacuation plan is based on the hazard analysis and vulnerability assessment for Dane County. The plan, therefore, is general in nature recognizing that there are too many variables and possible scenarios to recommend specific emergency actions. Rather, the plan identifies evacuation tools and resources that could be utilized in an emergency evacuation situation. It is likely that some, but not all, of these tools would be used in an emergency evacuation situation.

The plan also provides guidance for situations where Dane County is a host to evacuees from other areas of the region, state, or country.

Planning Subdivisions and Vulnerability Assessment

For planning purposes, the Madison metropolitan area was divided into 16 subdivisions for a more detailed analysis of the evacuation considerations. These subdivisions were based on a combination of factors including:

A vulnerability assessment was prepared for each of the planning subdivisions, compiling and mapping the following data:

Madison Metropolitan Area Planning Subdivisions Map 2: Madison Metropolitan Area Planning Subdivisions

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